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I got tested for allergies a few years ago and it came back very allergic to cats, but fine for dogs. I told my parents, who always had cats, that I was allergic. They said they knew that, but they had the cat before they had me.

Thanks, folks.

Library Cat

I am so sorry, you must be devastated. If I was near you I'd take one, but Kansas City is a long way from Pittsburgh.


One of my daughters had a lot of allergies and asthma - treated by Dr's with all of the usual (Advair, singulair, albuterol, claritin, etc.) for many years. She then rescued a dog from the pound - which sleeps with her. One year later, - no medications. I did some research on this, and it seems like maybe she was able to adjust. Just a thought - but you might look into this.

You love your dogs, and they love you. Don't let them go unless you have to.


If I didn't already have two and a cat...but if REALLY get into a bind..


If I didn't already have two and a cat...but if you REALLY get into a bind....I might have room


Bob, good luck to you and Julie, because that's a really tough thing to do. It makes me heartsick just to think about it.

Your four-legged friends seem to have a lot of personality, so I hope you'll have no trouble finding a foster home. I'm terribly allergic to pooches myself, or I'd welcome the critters to Tube City Omnimedia World Headquarters.

I think you made the hard, but right, choice. You're a good man, Charlie Braughler.


Are you SURE it's the dogs he's allergic to?? Have you checked with the SPECIALIST?? We're getting into ragweed season - maybe it was spring pollen! Maybe it's the fabric softener in the wash! Dust mites, newspaper, Dad's favorite aftershave!

Don't dump the pups if you haven't had this investigated. If Adam has seen an allergist and the verdict is in....good luck with the adoptions. But if you're just going on the thoughts of his PCP - take the next step before packing up the dog dishes.


Unfortunately, Adam has been thoroughly tested and the ONLY thing he is allergic to is dogs. We're getting some slight traction on new homes, but not as much as I'd expected. So put the word out to your friends and family. Smithers comes with a nice folding dog crate.


when i got your email it was such sad news :( that really sucks!! if we didn't already have a dog and 2 cats that hate that dog..... but i will pass along the news to anyone i know! i hope they both find a good home soon. if you don't have any luck, let me know. i can take adam off your hands ;)

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